Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It has finally come to this...

The idea for this blog came to me four years ago, in a Christmas Tree lot.

My husband and I dutifully browsed all the trees, chose our favorite, got the attention of a sales-dude, and made our way to the li'l motor-home turned cashier's office. And there I saw "it." On the ledge of the pay window.

An "arrangement" of fir boughs in a green plastic dish, with a cheap made-in-China Santa skewered into the center, and THEN doused with fake snow spray. Even Santa was choking! And it was for sale! "Buy a tree, and increase your holiday cheer by bringing home this exile from the island of misfit toys. Someone must have stolen it off the Abominable Snowman's coffee table! PUT IT BACK!"

I didn't have the ability to take a photo at the time, but that festive travesty burned into the depths of my consciousness, and I vowed, one day, I would document this crime of nature, and others, for the world to know -- !! A REAL florist did not create this "THING!" It was smudged together in a cold, dark, warehouse someplace, using un-skilled seasonal labor, by a person whose highest and best use may only be drinking the last dregs of coffee and not brewing a new pot!

There is a DIFFERENCE between "schlock" and "design," between the clueless meshing-together of material, and the careful, meticulous creation of beauty.

There. I said it.

Schlock, BEWARE. We are onto you. And you just may not escape dissection by the professionals of the "Floral Crime Scene Investigators."


  1. Unfortunately, too many of the public cannot tell the difference. I look forward to seeing the posts here!

    1. And we hope to educate and highlight the difference! Thank you for your comment!

    2. Here is a link you can use!!

    3. Oh my Those are truly frightening!